The Arrogance of Believers is Astounding… September 9, 2020

So, Christians have a god they consider perfect… omnipotent, omnipresent, and omniscient. All powerful,god 2 present everywhere, seeing and knowing everything. Also, this God personally cares about you.

By perfect I suppose it is meant perfectly good, moral, and caring.

Totally powerful, meaning nothing, nothing at all can occur without this God’s desire that it happen.

Everywhere, meaning no one can hide from this God.

Knowing everything, even your thoughts.

You’re in a tornado, it is tornadobearing down on your house and your family is kneeling nervously in the basement. It brings down your house, injuring all in it. However, you survive. You thank your God for his mercy for allowing your survival. Everyone else in your community is dead, all houses destroyed, yet… thankfully you are alive. Would you now thank your heavenly father for destroying the entire community and getting rid of a lot of neighbors you obviously didn’t care about anyway?

universeA being reportedly creating an entire Universe cares about you? What arrogance! A being with so much power that from nothing everything was created, but he saved you and your family while blowing everybody else to hell. How barbaric.

They’re in a better place, you claim. Well, I suppose, that is if you consider being ripped asunder and buried under tontornado rubbles of debris a better place. But that doesn’t matter… you’re alive.

I guess what I am saying is that I am sick of you. Sick of your stupid beliefs. Sick of your piety, believing yourself more worthy than anyone else. Don’t you realize that when you thank your God for your survival you are also thanking that God for taking everyone else… now what in blazes did they do that was so bad you think they deserved total annihilation?

So when you want to put up your monument with the ten commandments, or a display on government property supporting your religion… know this… I will always speak out against it. Freedom of Religion be damned if it means it’s okay with you that others die as long as you live.

When you try to put your filthy religion into schools to brainwash a new generation, know that I will join in the lawsuit to stop you. When you try to force others to observe the petty restrictions of your beliefs I will lend my strong right arm in the fight to stop you.

So, do what you will. I know where I’m going when I die, in the dark cold ground to become fertilizer for the future… and no where else. Knowing your beliefs are barbaric, arrogant, and unjust… I doubt you are sure where you’re going after death. Not with your track record.

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