Stable Genius?… August 16, 2020

What if this is all a charade?

Years ago Donald Trump declared himself an atheist. Suppose he was not lying that one single time.

Look at the damage that has been done to  specific groups:

> The GOP is in worst favorable opinion than it ever has been.

> The religious have been completely exposed as the frauds they are.

> White people have been emboldened everywhere to reveal their racism, their hate.

Although Trump has managed to outrage every liberal that ever lived, no atheist, no liberal, could have managed to do the damage to the GOP, the Conservative circle, and racist bigots that Trump has.

How did Trump manage to pull off all the cons over his lifetime if he were the idiot that he is posing himself. Is it possible that he never stopped acting?

I admit I have my doubts, I hate the man, he has made me hate him, way too much for me to consider this all has been done as a purpose. Yet, is it possible he has destroyed the conservatives purposely by causing an uproar among the liberal sector so that they will finally get off their butts and vote on mass for the Democrats? Is it possible his goal was to gain not only the Senate for Democrats, but the whole ball of wax.

Well… I tell you… if he is doing this, if he is the stable genius he claims to be, then he (gosh, I can hardly say it) might turn out to be the best thing that ever happened to the United States and the Democrat Party.

Or have I flipped out?

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