Is this what the GOP has become? Is it now to be a branch of the KKK? Is it all about white supremacy? Is it a party of racists, bigots, and Christianity?

     Have you seen the kind of people who are proud to wave the MAGA banner, proud to display signs promoting Trump/Pence for 2020? Big fat white racists with red hats protesting, seemingly taunting others, in order to initiate a race war. They sometimes wave the Confederate flag. Sometimes appear in white hoods. They even occasionally raise their arms in the Nazi salute, display the swastika.

     I find it all repulsive. I find it scary. I am sickened by it.

     Race is a construct. It is really culture we seem upset about. We are all the same species with some evolved characteristics due to habitat.

    What is really going on? It is an attack on America, essentially. We see a dictator wannabe in the White House sowing divisions between factions in order to destroy the Republic. We see a man who thinks himself having a dream similar to the despot our fathers fought to destroy in the 40s. It was then an empire of hate, and it is that which Trump is working to recreate.

     If we survive this intact we cannot afford this possibility ever again. Trump has not only used the GOP, he has used the Christian religion and its extremely gullible members in an attempt to destroy the country, remake it. Either the GOP has to be cleansed of its religious ties, or it must be eliminated. An abomination such as Trump must never be allowed to gain power again. Racism and religious bigotry must never become the norm.

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