A Time Machine … November 1, 2019

Not only is time travel possible, you do it every day. Your body moves forward in time each day. Your body supports your travel forward through time.

How far forward you travel depends on many factors. It depends on the location on earth where you are situated, genetics, your wealth, your care.

The support mechanisms available to you depend on your country, your inherited genes, how much you earn, and how much care you put into taking care of the only time machine you will ever have.

You must eat the proper nutrition to support cell maintenance. You need to strengthen the vitality of your time machine by providing it with exercise and proper rest.

Your careful selection of nutrition will provide your time machine with the necessary materials for building and maintenance. It will provide you with the energy needed to build new muscle through exercise and to increase endurance. Proper rest gives your time machine the time it needs to repair.

By maximizing your care you can insure that your time machine will function its best for the longest time possible.

Beware, there are many deleterious activities that can shorten its lifespan and level of repair.

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