What We Have Here is a Sellout to the Rich…. October 27, 2019

So we see what seems an organized effort to overthrow our government and establish a dictatorship, one ultimately run by hidden puppeteers called corporations. In this league of never do wells are many members of the GOP. Using Christianity as a way to lure adherents and control a steady number of supporters, this league desires to subjugate everyone who is considered of lower class, as in wealth.

These miserable creatures believe that they merit ruling the population as a direct result of their wealth and influence. They just want to use you.

We see a little of this mentality in the change of employment offices to “human resources” offices. People are just a commodity to be used. Use up one, get another, they are unimportant.

Trump and his band of merry men in the GOP intend to enslave you. They have emulated many of the methods used by the Nazis to convince people that the liberals and others seeking to help all people are instead stealing their government, their living, and taxing them to death. They are busy giving away the treasury via tax cuts. Then they will claim that paid for benefits like Social Security and Medicare are out of control and need to be abolished. They can’t very well subjugate you for life if you are peacefully retired on Social Security and have health benefits.

This action by this “league” is one of treason. It is well organized and the Democrats will have to walk carefully to keep this nation from being subverted.

That is the charge:

Trump is a traitor.

Everyone that supports a traitor is a traitor.

The real tragedy is that the GOP and its supporters know this and do not care.

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