Trump and the GOP Must Go … September 16,2019

Trump and the GOP have divided America. On the Republican side are all the rich, racist, apathetic, and calloused people. The rest of us are separate as far as they are concerned. We are their pool of human resources, to be used and abused. They do not care whether we live or die, as long as we do what we are told. Money is all that matters to them. Their money.

Republicans would rather you never retired. They want you to live with your children and grandchildren. They don’t want you to have health services. If you get sick, they would rather you died.

Capitalism is their only concern. Whatever it takes to increase profits, even if it means making their minions (us) fight and die in numerous wars to acquire more resources for them to use. Capitalism, profit oriented, serving the rich, using the poor.

Trump and the GOP have permanently damaged America. America will never forget what they have done. Lies, giving away the treasury, making the world laugh at America, their crimes are a list twenty miles long. If the GOP does not go down in flames for what has been done, then the flaw is deeper than just Republican. The flaw will be revealed to be in humanity.

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