Talking to the Christian Hand… July 9, 2019

Christians have in no way proven their god is real. Muslims have in no way proven their god is real. Jews have in no way proven their god is real.
(Insert any belief system here) have in no way proven their god is real.

If you want to buy a house do you go to the realty company and put your money down house unseen? If an acquaintance tells you there is gold under the ground out back of his/her house and asks if you will invest in machinery to dig it up…. do you say “why sure…” and hand over cash? If someone tells you that by being born you are doomed to hell and that the only way to avoid such a fate is to drop everything and do what he/she tells you, do you drop everything and follow?

Pudding. There is a saying that “the proof is in the pudding”. I will demand to see that house, inspect it, maybe have a professional inspect it… before you see even one dollar. I will demand some evidence that there is gold behind them there houses before I fork over my hard-earned currency. If some nut tells me that just because I was born… without a choice, no less… that I am damned to an eternity of anguish and grinding of teeth… I would call the truck with the two attendants that carry a straight-jacket for people like that. Would you?

Sadly, many would not. Many didn’t have a choice, either, having been indoctrinated since they were wee tadpoles. They buy these fairy tales, this false hope, this lie, and carry the beliefs into adulthood because they fear the wrath of their hateful god, or because they fear death, or they fear never seeing loved ones past.

There is nothing you can do to help them. You will find them rational in all dealings except those associated with faith… with faith there is a disconnect. Logic and reason will fail to persuade them of their delusion. This is a industrial grade mind virus you are dealing with. These people are looking forward to a promised eternal paradise as promised, and you are threatening that pleasant vision with your cold hard logic, reason, and facts.

Way back if you acquired the black plague you made peace with the world and laid down to die. Others around you looked upon your diseased carcass and wished like crazy they could do something. But they couldn’t… and you can’t. There is no purpose in debating someone who holds beliefs of an irrational nature, especially, if they actually desire to continue believing. You are just wasting your time preparing that overwhelming blast of logic in an effort to destroy the virus that has them in their grip. To them, regardless how powerful, it will blow over them like a breeze… way over them, as they are not even thinking about what you just said, but are instead trying to fabricate words that will save your damned soul.

All you can do is support education, support science, and demand that the church and state be kept separate. As long as believers keep procreating there will be more believers coming down the line. They get them and poison them young for a reason. What can you do about their children? Absolutely nothing. Work on the education, the science, that’s all you can do.

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