Of What Value Is Anger? … July 15, 2018

What good has anger rendered to the species called human? Like worry, anger imparts more damage to the holder than problems it relieves. It no doubt stresses the host in such a fashion that many minutes if not hours of life are subtracted from the original total. Anger not only is detrimental to its host, but since it is communicable it may spread and infect another. 

Anger is a human emotion, though not limited to humans. Some animals seem to express it too. Does that mean it has some evolutionary advantage? If it has an evolutionary advantage, does it still have value or has it become like some useless vestige… like the bones that used to lead to a tail in humans, which human ancestors possessed in ages past? Have humans matured beyond anger yet?

Evidence suggests that humanity has not yet progressed to a level where the detrimental effects of anger are recognized. There are many factors that are involved in the retention of this emotion. In many facets of human behavior anger is encouraged… as in sports. Anger at an enemy foreign or domestic is commonly fanned into a blaze. Even the main religions have a god that is not only jealous, but often angry.

Yet… how can it be expected that so illogical a thing as a human being can deduce that anger is affecting detrimental effects?

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