State of Existence… July 01, 2018

You can, if you put the effort into it, put yourself into a calmer state of existence. I suppose one might call the method a form of meditation. You simply do what Yoda asserted that Skywalker had to do to attain Jedi status. Concentrate on where you are, what is happening around you…. try to take it in all at once… it’s not easy, those things in life that have value most often are not easy. Be aware of your breathing. Be aware of the rustling of leaves. Breath in through your nose, out slowly through your mouth. Hear the distant beep of someone’s car horn… the roar of a Semi on the interstate nearby. If you have someone living with you be aware of their activities too. This is a strenuous thing to do, do it for as long as you can… the effects of the calming will last beyond your efforts.

So that’s where I am now. In a state of calm I do not often experience. My thoughts are clear, concise. My efforts easier, more precise. Feel it? You can do it. I know you can, as I am no one special possessing no great powers, no greater or lesser than anyone else’s.

Don’t expect it to last forever. It must be renewed again and again.

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