Idiots That Dismiss Their Feelings… June 17, 2018

angry facehappy face

Emotions must have an evolutionary advantage, otherwise, why are they?

It is true that emotions create some division between peoples, in that, emotionally, you are most apt to reject differences between groups because of “gut” feelings. These emotions cannot be simply turned off. They are there regardless of over-riding reason. They remain and gnaw at you.

On the other hand, emotions also are cohesive to groups. If you feel comfortable in a group you will more likely work within that group to better the group and its members.

Feelings seem to emerge from no where, perhaps they come from deep within the subconscious. Regardless of how you “want to act” emotions will betray you for what you are.

Emotions can create great tension. If something is an irritant it will grate on your subconscious and become a distraction.

One might eliminate, or try to eliminate, emotions… at least outward displays of emotion. However, along with the anger, the hate, and other negative emotions, compassion, empathy, and happiness will also be gone. There is always a balancing out, it seems. Without anger, would you be able to experience happiness? Would you recognize it?

A right and a left, a good and a bad, an evil and a benevolence. There seems always a symmetry. To always be happy would indicate insanity, just as to always be angry or unhappy, would indicate mental problems as well. I have always been suspicious of an eternally happy person. I would be less likely to turn my back on one.

I have always felt I would be better off without emotions. Yet, among a population of humans I would surely be alone. In the end, will emotion doom humanity?  Does humanity really have any choice?

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