The Vulnerable You…. June 10, 2018

Innate qualities within humans when they are born render them extremely vulnerable to religion.

Humans are born with an innate conception of their mothers, someone more powerful, a source of nourishment, and protection. Later, as the child matures, this conception transfers to whatever religion is prevalent and presented to them.

Religion perpetuates this innate reliance. In adulthood those indoctrinated continue to rely on someone more powerful to fulfill their need for protection as well as other needs. This need grows in those who suffer financial problems and other stresses in their lives. This is why religion flourishes in groups of people who are destitute or fear for their lives.

Almost all cultures develop or have religious belief. The religious belief you might adopt is almost always one prevalent in your area. Usually it is the one of your parents. They present it to you as they have countless other concepts as real. You accept it even though it contradicts reason. Your parents wouldn’t lie to you, would they? Most likely they thought it real also. When they introduce you to it they believe it real. Your parents have provided for you and protected you all your life. You are not about to mistrust them now… though that thing about Santa Claus was an eye-opener for some.

Your parents’ urgings along with your innate need for a powerful protector and provider nearly guarantees your conversion. Unless reason later prevails you will always believe, even in the face of overwhelming contradictory information. Even if you succeed in casting off the religion of your parents you will feel an emptiness that will most often cause you to adopt another religion or make one up of your own.

A feeling that “someone is looking over your shoulder” will haunt you for many years even should you succeed in becoming an atheist. It may never leave you, always making you wonder. It may make you wish you had never read so much or listened to reason. You may keep yourself from returning but the desire will, possibly, always be there. If you are conscious when you die you may recant and pledge yourself to some deity as you lie on your death bed, having lived for decades without religion. The brain can betray you in this fashion. You never know what is lurking in your subconscious.

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