A Slanted World, Adverse to Mankind… May 27, 2018

I do not support the gynocentric state of society in the United States. Having everything oriented to serve and support women is extremely sexist. From education to health care the nation is slanted toward the benefit of women.

All the schools have been feminized. Boys are treated as if they are incomplete girls. Many times they are drugged to make them conform. There are vast networks of hospitals oriented for the treatment of female problems… there are none oriented toward male problems. Money is allocated generously for the research for cures of female problems, while money is scarce for the research for cures of male problems. If men benefit it is mostly collateral. The intent was not to solve male problems, but men garner some small benefit solely as a consequence of the vast monies put into the solving of female problems. For example, the vast money put toward finding breast cancer cures compared to the ever dwindling funds put toward prostate cancer research. This is even though more men die of prostate cancer than women of breast cancer.

I support human rights… I do not support feminism or women’s movements. I am not a member of any men’s rights movements. I assert that both men and women presently have equal human rights and have since the early 60s.

I believe in due process. I do not support mob justice. Mob justice like automatically believing women’s cries of harassment without proof and then the public condemning the man without due process, thereby ruining his career and life instantly. I believe false accusations should be treated as harshly as if they were true, thereby sentencing the woman to heavy fines and jail time for making false allegations.

Feminism is an evil and divisive force, anathema to civilization and humanity. It should be resisted totally. Any man who calls himself a feminist is truly evil, perhaps more so than any feminist female.

The denigration and demonization of men by feminists is not unlike the demonization, dehumanization of the Jewish people by the Nazis during WWII and before. I fully believe that the ultimate goal of feminism is the very same as that of Nazism, but with men as the victim.

Many women join ranks with feminism not aware of its dark beginnings, and obviously oblivious to the assertions of many within its ranks. The fact that feminists that become aware of the monsters in their ranks and do not denounce them implies quiet agreement. If you are a feminist simply do not speak to me or let me know of your existence and we will get along fine.

Rome died when its women took power, when the men became weak and submissive to women. Is this to be the fate of the United States?

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