Be A Human Being? … May 20, 2018

Although there seems to be some inherent qualities within the human species, compassion and caring does not seem among them. What seems more inherent in the human species is aggression and violence… selfishness.

If humans are to improve their lot then, perhaps it is time to begin teaching compassion, caring, and kindness to children at an early age.

There are too many humans today that are content with perpetuating the barbaric nature of the species and less interested in developing or growing the higher traits, that though humans may not possess inherently, humans can most assuredly develop and nurture.

Any human that can support the barbarism represented by the Death Penalty is not interested in improving the human species… killing a killer makes all humans killers. When the thought of murder and killing another human being becomes repugnant to all, that is when it can be said that progress to a higher plane is attained. As long as it is okay to attack and harm another then the primitive is still with humanity.

Until humanity is able to leave the violent nature of his/her origins behind it may not be so wise to urge individuals to “act like a human being”.

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