Why “Human” Atheism… May 2, 2018

lion atheist


How do I differentiate “human” atheism from “regular” atheism.

Atheists accuse the religious of adhering to rigid black or white strict doctrine. Yet, then they adhere to strict rules of logic, also unforgiving and rigid.

There is nothing human in rigid religion, and there is also nothing human in rigid atheism.

Human emotions developed via evolution side by side all the other faculties of human beings. Yet, atheists would deny them. “Feelings” are not taken into regard. “Feelings” have allowed many to survive on a hunch. What is a hunch, but a feeling, an intuition?

Everyone has different feelings. This fact is the reason for the myriad differing stances on various issues. Depending on your background you may be more flexible or less flexible when encountering new ideas. Why is this important? There are many among the atheist set that are adamant that everyone adhere to certain viewpoints on very important human issues. Any who vary themselves from such viewpoints, or talking points, are hounded by the atheist set just as severely, just as viciously as any fundamentalist Christian has hounded a woman that is seeking an abortion.

Vague am I? Yes, I am afraid so. I am trying to open a door that most atheists would like to slam shut. That door can be called  “Freedom of opinion” or “Freedom to be human”. They will hound anyone who varies from the liberal progressive narratives prevalent today. Therefore, I am vague to deter those rigid logic agenda driven SJW atheists from hounding me to death. Besides, though I might list those things I consider open to debate, but which the atheists are rigid upon, the list would be radically different than yours.

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