Society Has Become Too Tolerant of Deviancy… April 15, 2018

Society here in the United States has become an everything goes culture, enforced by law.

If you speak against any deviant concept or person you are threatened not only by lawsuit, but by imprisonment. You can be banned from public media for not parroting the ongoing narratives promoted by the pseudo-progressives and SJWs.

Sensitivities are worn on sleeve cuffs. Almost everyone is seeking some haven from which they can adorn themselves with victimhood.

Only one category of human being is considered fair game for denigration, criticism, and derision: White males.

What was normal is now rare and ridiculed. What was deviant is now celebrated and promoted. If you are not part of the mob that is tolerant of deviancy you are alone.

I remain alone, content to be so.



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