Facebook Protected Groups… April 10, 2018

Facebook has protected groups. Transgenders, gays, and women are considered protected groups. Others may exist.

You can say nothing disparaging against those protected groups. If you do you face a prolonged banishment from Facebook.

However, white males are fair game. I had complained repeatedly about disparaging remarks against white males, or males of any color, and was always told it was well within community standards. There was one feminist site that advocated the castration of all males and even promoted reducing them by any means to 10%, yet, those sites were said to be well within community standards.

I have deleted my Facebook accounts. They are gone and I hope that I can refrain from activating them within the fourteen day limit it takes to delete them.

Facebook is an addiction. It will be difficult to refrain from reactivating my accounts. I still have Twitter, Tumblr, and Google as sites to publish my blog. I hope that will suffice. Withdrawal, I expect, will be arduous.

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