Who Cares? April 8, 2018

Sometimes I want to write and nothing comes. Other times a topic rises from the sewage around me, but alas, I am away from my computer, and then the topic seems to submerge itself back into the black ooze. 

A lot of times I want to write about a topic but I consider how it will affect the reader. This should not be a concern, but it is. This problem must be overcome as I do not want to cater to an audience, but feel also one is necessary. Writing in a vacuum, as I have most of the time, hearing only crickets upon publishing a piece, can be disappointing. I guess most people expect you to write in agreement with them, otherwise they disregard you. There are many posters that do post to please, never varying their perspectives from that gathered by polling their audience, or by that gained by holding a moistened finger in the air. Look and see, those are the most popular sites online, they publish what people want to hear. Popular public opinion, the fad at the moment, that is what you see in their posts. I consider such sites so very dull and humdrum.

Sometimes I force a post, knowing there will be no response. Writing to make sure there is a post that week. I have the ability to write about a can of beans and make it work… at least for me.

I rail against progressive issues that really aren’t progressive but instead promote some pet desire of the promulgator. That garners much disdain from those who follow the latest trends, or are unaware of the ramifications of what they accept from these “progressives”. Some people seem unaware that there are a few “progressive” issues that will result in their own extinction… the one about diversification, for example, means white males must be gone.

All the sensitivities today. Most often people are overly sensitive about that which they should not be, and not sensitive enough about that they should be. I think “snowflake” was a word combination made to label those who are overly sensitive, though it too is used incorrectly to label people who simply disagree with your point of view. Many of the topics I write about are issues people should be paying attention to, but because of sensitivities, cowardice, or simply “trying to get along”, they shun these issues. If the issues were talked about instead, debated, they might dissolve and become non-issues.

Racism, bigotry, and many other faults are on display daily online. Many times the very people crying “racism” commit racism during their outcry. For example stating “all white people are privileged”, is a racist proclamation often not seen for what it is. Yet, no one will accept an opposing point of view to this assertion. Isn’t that bigotry?

Well, I wander….

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