Paths Chosen… April 1, 2018

Although there are many paths there is also a precipice. None of them are easy to see. You might find that on any of them that you cannot go back. There are crossroads, all one way, upon which big changes could transpire. On any of these paths except the precipice, there could be hidden dangers just over the horizon… with no side path upon which to escape. There is no stopping.

Everyone is faced with choices. Some positive, some negative. Occasionally it is a simple matter of math… one path hurts many, another hurts few. Often those are the only options. It would be nice if there were only options where no one got hurt.

Is it better to maintain the status quo rather than hurting others or destroying yourself? Life seems contrary to that option. Someone usually ends up paying for choices in life, one way or another.

Inexorably time flows. Mistakes made cannot be erased or corrected. They stand as testimony to your decisions. Future choices are based on them. It all builds like some mountain. Most often you find yourself at the bottom of that pile.

Dreary? Well there are times of glee. They seem to fade. Memories of the dreary stand resolute, stark, and as detailed as when they occurred. A flaw, it seems, in the human mind. Only a few decent positive memories are strong enough to bear up against the march of the days. Worry keeps us connected to the dreary, though.


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