Not Entirely Conscious… January 5, 2018

I imagine this is a complaint that has been made about humans since there were humans. Yet, since it has only now occurred to me I shall write of it.

There seems a growing number of humans without a conscience. Whether they lost it, or never had it is unknown. These “people”, if they can really be termed as such, have no morality, or have morality that is askew.

The example that brought this to mind is the issue known as shoplifting. There are evidently “people” who think shoplifting is moral, or at least not immoral. They are not the least bit ashamed to steal from their local stores. They possess no guilt for having done so. Without a shred of guilt they can walk into an establishment and pilfer whatever their fingers happen to touch. When caught, and many are caught repeatedly, they are only sorry they were caught, not sorry that they were stealing.

Many steal and then have the gall to return an item they have stolen for a refund, or an exchange for something else they do want.

Maybe these empty apathetic people think no harm is done by stealing. Yet, there is. Everyone that actually buys pays a higher price because of this theft. The markups have to be bigger to cover the inevitable pilferage.

Islamic countries chop off the hands of a perpetrator. No one wants Islamic law, yet, how do you stop a repeat offender?

Why do they steal? I think this is irrelevant. When you take something that is not yours it is stealing, it is immoral. If it be because they are hungry, although I can understand such a reason, it makes it no more moral.

No doubt if you walked into the residence of one of these thieves and took something of theirs they would go off the deep end.

Is there something loose in their noggin?

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