Loathing and Self-Loathing… December 3, 2017….

Yes, this post is once again about that detestable topic: Feminism.

I have been on Facebook for many years. In all that time I have found only one feminist that I respect, one feminist who most definitely does not hate men or boys. That feminist, self-proclaimed, is Christina Hoff Sommers. She alone seems able to see the inequities that feminism has produced. As she has repeatedly said, there truly is a war against boys and men.

All other feminists that I have met online and in person have revealed, sooner or later, a deep-seated hatred of anything male. Many deny this fact. Yet, all have in conversations revealed disgust and hatred toward anything male. There have been no exceptions beyond Sommers.

Many males have stepped forward in support of feminism. All have demonstrated a self-loathing, as one would expect of a feminist.

I will hear no more from feminists. I will not argue with them, I do not even want to talk to them. On Facebook, when I find them I block them, male and female alike. The book is closed on feminism. It is an immoral hate group, yes they are loosely aligned, but taken together as a group, they are nothing but hatred. I pity the man that marries such horrid shams of humanity.


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