If My Avatar Reflected the Truth… June 25, 2017

Robot thinking AThe avatar that I use is that of a machine. That does not mean I am a machine. I often desire that, but alas, continue in my present form.

However, if I could be a machine, then I might make a better atheist in the eyes of many non-believers.

If I were a machine I could…

  1. Ignore my feelings of disgust and accept that gays are normal. I could easily dismiss the fact that before 1974 they were considered mentally ill… that changing only after many gay atheists marched, threatened violence to those scientists and doctors who maintained being gay was a mental illness. No science was done that changed the designation.
  2. I could ignore my feelings about transgender… how much like a mental illness it seems as well. Like a fetish these people delight in imagining they are not the sex they are.
  3. I could ignore facts about feminism that shows it is simply another grab for power. I could reprogram myself into a delusion that feminism is about something other than the oppression of men and revenge for imagined wrongs.

All in all, if I were a machine and my programming fluid then I could program myself to accept all of the ideological based, foundationless lies promulgated by many atheists.

The politically correct pseudo-progressives with their society changing narratives are destroying what should have been a simple case of non-belief and making it into something it’s not.

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