“Dear Humans” …

Why is it permissible for small groups that have been designated disadvantaged (however that is determined) to spit racist epithets and take racist actions?

Liberal circles usually remark that race is a construct, that we are all just humans with minor cosmetic differences. This evidently only applies when it serves them. At other times they support loud and raucous denunciations of what is termed the “privileged class”.

These days that “privileged class” is assumed to be white… specifically white males.

I fit that designation in appearance.

I am still waiting for my “white male privileges” to show up. Are they similar to the “ship that comes in” for some people?

The laws apply equally to all (except the rich). Instead of using those laws many would rather protest and riot. Then people are expected to feel sorry when the rioters are stopped from destroying and looting. The police officers, who are simply doing their jobs, become the whipping boys. The looters and destroyers become either heroes or martyrs.

My misanthropy increases in intensity daily.

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