Compatibility… February 19, 2017

Compatibility is an issue. The issue is not just related to compatibility between devices of software. Compatibility is important between human relationships as well. Ideas and habits, viewpoints, as well as those interacting with each human are important considerations.

Sometimes incompatibility issues arise between humans due to long term lack of contact. Other times these issues arise due to active efforts to develop differences that cannot be worked out. Meaning, sometimes one human simply wishes to push another away and developing incompatible differences are used in the effort.

Why it is not simply stated plainly that one human deplores another rather than coming at the issue by developing incompatibility issues is confounding. Simple communication seems avoided perhaps because the human committing it feels that to state plainly the truth, that is that they no longer wish to interact, would be too abrasive. This leaves the human on the receiving end of this message confused and responsible for deciphering the message, correctly or incorrectly, through either plain or vague clues.

The issue could be better resolved if no one had emotions. Then a simple “we are incompatible, please go away” would be sufficient. As is, humanity is left with using language and feelings, both enormously flawed, to discern what is the truth.

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