The Spokesperson… February 5, 2017

The almighty, most powerful god of the universe… able to hear the pleas of even the most remote… sees the sufferings of the smallest sparrow… cannot speak to you directly.

Why does god, the most high, need an intermediary?

Why does god the most perfect, most powerful, need someone to act as a go between… to relay his/her/its message? Why does the word of this most perfect being need to be interpreted? Cannot this god speak fluently?

It has been said that this god knows of all things… including the treachery of human kind. Then why leave his/her/its message open to the treachery which might occur in the interpretation of the message? The unscrupulous have used their fellow humans for purposes most evil… war, lynching, murder, theft, the list goes on….

Oh, you say… god speaks to you directly? Do you hear voices in your head? Are you sure it’s not just your own conscience? Are you in need of some therapy to quiet these voices?

Face it:
If there were some god as described, that is, most powerful, all-knowing, most gentle, and purely good, then why would not that god make sure that his/her/its message was received by all and clearly understood? Why allow the message to be vulnerable and difficult to discern?

The logical conclusion of course is that it is in the end undeniably….

All in your head.

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