Some Truths… February 12, 2017

A Few Truths About Me

I am an atheist. I make no secret about it. I do not go forth near and far to shout it, but if it comes up I will not deny it. In light of the many gods imagined by humankind it seems the only logicalRobot thinking A conclusion that not all of them can be true, but that all of them can be false. Another supplemental conclusion is that a just and good powerful being need not hide, would not select just some few through which to speak, possessing the ability to speak for itself.

I despise feminists. It is not a fervent hatred degrading my health. It is the hatred and wariness you would have for someone who wants you dead. I select not to be a humanist Feminazis since 1968because the American Humanist Association has an inherent feminist caucus. Feminism is an ideological belief system without foundation, and without valid issues.

I stand against racism… from any “race”. Race is a fabrication. All “races” (cultures) are capable of racism. I have seen it in all of them. Racism does not require economic power to exercise.

My position on the death penalty has not yet solidified. I have been on both sides of the spectrum.

I am more of a centrist on the political scale than anything else. centristI am neither far left nor far right. I incorporate elements from both that I find moral and right.

I fully assert that society is gynocentric… it always has been, from the very first time the words “Women and children first” were ever uttered.

I believe steadfastly that most “progressives” and progressive issues are really “pseudo-progressives” possibly even regressives.

I am wary of all media. These days there always seems to be some kind of social reengineering message underlying all content. Usually these messages Media (1)contain the prevailing “progressive” narratives of the time. This method of social engineering is akin to mind-washing. Many are not even aware that they are being manipulated.

And now a basic truth: This list is not complete.


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