Life Before Gods… October 30, 2016

Robot thinking ALife begins without gods of any kind. It is only later that either parents or acquaintances introduce the concept. Children are expected to listen, to learn, from their parents the ways of the world. Unfortunately, children do not possess the tools to analyze the data presented. They are naïve and do not expect their parents to present lies… in fact, perhaps even the concept of a lie is unknown to them. All information is accepted as true and correct.

Religious indoctrination usually begins when children are of the vulnerable age where the means to analyze data is not present. Religious indoctrination is presented in rote form… to be memorized, assimilated, without analysis. Analysis is discouraged, perhaps forbidden. Analysis may be considered blasphemy. Religious doctrine is presented without evidence, and taken for granted.

Soon the blank slate that was a child’s mind is filled with irrational information, irrational information that is from a trusted source. The irrational information becomes real to its host. A division occurs in the mind. In one compartment you have stored irrational information from a trusted source. In another, the mind stores everything else. In the rational portion everyday thinking occurs. The other compartment acts like a filter. Any information the rational mind encounters that contradicts the irrational information is rejected. The irrational compartment monitors all information and reacts when any contradictory information is perceived.

Let’s examine the blank slate that existed before. That mind had no gods. Life starts without gods or the concept of god.  Gods are presented without evidence but accepted because of the trusted sources. The individual was fine before the concept was introduced. If the concept was never introduced the individual would remain without gods. Although it might be conceivable that such an individual would invent their own god because of the parent-child arrangement, the need for something to look up to that is powerful and protecting, that possibility is not assured.

Assessing this one would come to the necessary conclusion that gods are manufactured. The myriad different gods all arising from the need for something to look up to as protector and provider, combined with the total absence of evidence for such gods, points to a desperate desire by humans to alleviate a feeling of helplessness from threats which are beyond their control. Humans must reject such concepts without proof or never progress beyond being gullible children. Therefore it is suggested that society accept that there are no gods.

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