Society’s Double Standard… October 23, 2016

Scenario One:

Melody sits concentrating on typing data into her computer. It wasn’t her first choice for a job, but all the sanitation jobs were filled by men. As she types her friend Janice walks in her office, looking backward into the adjoining office, obviously hoping for a private chat.

“Melody, I have some news that may upset you, honey.” whispers Jan.

“Hi Jan, just a moment while I finish this line.” responds Melody.

“Shhh… not so loud… you may not want this to get out.” Jan cautions.

Looking up over her glasses, Melody focuses on Jan. “What’s so terrible?”

“Meg says a friend of her friend told her friend that Marc has been seen with Lucy in Devo’s Nightclub.”

“Friend of a friend? Who can believe that?” Melody asserts.

“Here, look at this, Meg sent it after her friend sent it.”

Melody looks at the picture on Jan’s phone, and sure enough there is Marc, sitting at a table with Lucy. Melody’s face becomes beet red. Her teeth clench, nearly chipping a tooth.

“What the hell…. he… ooooohhhh, he’s going to get this when I get ahold of him!”

That evening at home Melody is eating a burrito when a knock comes on the door. Using her napkin she carefully removes the mess from her chin and answers the door. It is Marc.

“Hi Melody, would you like to hit a movie tonight.” he asks as he enters.

She doesn’t answer. Once again her face glows red. Burrito, still sticking in her teeth, are visible as she scowls.

“You two timing creep… you have a lot of nerve showing your face here!” She screams, loudly enough to be heard outside, two floors down in the street. People crane their necks searching for the source.

Marc backs up, appearing puzzled as Melody reaches over her phone and displays the picture of him and Lucy at the nightclub.

“Yea, so, my friends and I were there together and I saw someone we both know and sat down to talk, what gives?” he explains.

Looking unconvinced, she nevertheless invites him to stay the night.

She pretends an evening but her anger remains unabated.

Waking at two in the morning she hears him snoring. Carefully easing out of bed she makes her way to the kitchen where she secures a large, very sharp, knife. Just as quietly she reenters the bedroom. She swiftly removes the blankets and attacks. She completely severs his private parts and as he screams makes her way to the kitchen. There she shoves them in the disposal and flips the switch.

The next morning at Melody’s place of employment many of her former fellow workers are discussing the event.

“Ha, he deserved it. Cheating on Melody like that.” a woman remarks.

“I would have decapitated him… he got off easy.” spits another.

“I daresay he won’t be cheating on anyone ever again.” chuckles another.

“Give her a few days in jail to think about it.” decides another.

Scenario two:

Monday mornings, what we all dread, at least those with jobs they simply hate. However Jeffrey enjoys a good income and likes his work. He has made it a mission to help people. As  a surgeon he certainly has the skills to do so.

As he preps for another patient, his coworker Samuel walks up behind him.

“Could you spare a moment for a few words, Jeff?” he asks in a low voice.

“Well, they better be a very few, what’s on your mind?” Jeff asks.

Samuel hesitates but then goes on to say “Your girlfriend, Cindy, while you’ve been putting in all this overtime have you been keeping tabs on what she’s up to?”

Jeff stops shaking the moisture from his hands and looks at Sam. The look of concern on Sam’s face is plain to see.

“I trust my girlfriend completely… what are you referring to?” Jeff inquires.

“Well, a friend of my friend Lareby sent Lareby this picture and he sent it to me.” speaks Sam as he holds his phone in front of Jeff’s face. Clearly she is at a club with a fellow, showing the fellow great affection. Jeff’s eyes bulge and though unseen through his surgeon’s mask, his teeth clench and bare.

“I’m sorry Jeff, I figured you should know.” Sam apologizes.

Unable to proceed with the surgery, having gained a case of nerves, Jeffery calls in a substitute. Luckily one is available. He calls it a day.

That evening as he tries to concentrate on a magazine article in the epic magazine Surgery Today the phone rings. It is Cindy.

“Hi Jeff, wanna go out and have a good time at Devo’s?” asks the voice on the phone.

“Not tonight.” he replies… then smiles… “Maybe you’d like to have dinner here?  I’ll make us some spaghetti and meatballs with my special sauce.” 

“Wow, you know that sounds great. What time?”

“Hmmm, say 7:30?”

“Be there! Bye.”

That evening they have a nice meal and sit with an after dinner drink in hand. Cindy starts feeling a little woozy and soon falls sideways on the couch. Jeff lifts her and carries her downstairs, clears a bench, and lays her thereon. Opening a brief case he reveals a collection of surgeons instruments.

“You little vamp… you’ll never cheat on anyone again!” speaks Jeff sharply and then he gets to work. With a precision honed over the years he removes her ovaries through the tiniest of incisions. Then sews her back up.

The next morning at the surgical clinic that employed Jeff up to yesterday the doctors and nurses in attendance discuss the event.

“What a horrible monster. And to think we worked side-by-side with him every day.” a voice says angrily.

“They ought to hang him up by his balls” roars another.

“I say we break down the door of the jail and take him out and hang him!”

“Lock him up and weld the door shut!”

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