The Arrogance of the Politically Correct and SJW Crowd… October 21, 2016

There are those who think they know what is best for society. For the most part these people are of the naïve sort. They decide how they would like society to be and work to make it reflect it. It doesn’t matter what they fallout, how many must suffer, they feel that society must change to fit their ideals.

They are arrogant and naïve beyond the power of words to describe.

This has been going on for some time now. People using the government to force changes Oppressivein society to reflect what they believe is proper for all to do and think. It has caused great division among the people for no good reason.

To say it is propaganda is to label it mildly. It is reckless propaganda enforced by law.


SJWs are always keeping a lookout for whatever trigger they might find. If they cannot eternal victimfind one they produce one where none existed before. Sensitive is not strong enough to describe their behavior… maybe paranoid, crazy, insane might work.

Enough, I say. No more of this insane babble. No more making normal abnormal and abnormal normal. No more.

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