Fantasies Endure …. August 15, 2016

How do you prove something does not exist. Just as no atheist has been able to convince the believer that god does not exist, no atheist can convince either the religious, or the atheist who believes, that Jesus never existed. Sure, you can convince an atheist that Jesus did not run about doing miraculous miracles, but you cannot convince the believing atheist that Jesus himself, the man, was an amalgam of previous myths and never actually existed.

The Christian therefore cries out… “There’s hope for you yet, evil atheist, if you believe that our son of god savior existed it is a short step for you to accept the supernatural nature of his existence.”

That was my mistake recently on an atheist site. Try as I might to convince the rabid believer, in this case an atheist, that Jesus the man did not exist they came back with unconvincing information generated by scholars, scholars formerly believers, that their darling Jesus did in fact exist.

The true fact is that, just like the god, Jesus has nothing to prove his existence. There are no references to him in first person, the evidence being forgeries created and inserted into Flavius’s writings. Proven forgeries. There is no record of his crucifixion. There is no first person report of his existence. There is only hearsay, held on to desperately by the faithful.

With such fervent belief held onto by these supposed atheists, perhaps clinging to vestiges of their former beliefs, it will never be possible to kill the myth.

With Christian believers believing, and these atheists propping them up, there will never be a time when the scam of Christianity, or other religions like Islam, will fully be rinsed from the minds of willing believers. We non-believers must move on.

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