A Flawed Organism … July 17, 2016

Robot thinking ARight behavior and wrong behavior…

Right behavior and wrong behavior can only be defined in accordance to a set of moral standards. Moral standards vary from one individual to another. Behavior parameters can only be derived from one’s own set of standards. Keep this in mind.

Humans have the capacity to develop right and wrong reactions to situations. Most humans are aware of the right reaction to different issues.

Inherent flaws within humans, like greed and selfishness frequently result in the wrong behavior selection. Some choose the wrong behavior because of the lack of or insufficient possession of certain emotional qualities like empathy, compassion. Others choose the behavior that is less costly, be it moral or immoral.

As a result of multiple wrong choices the human society is in constant turmoil, unsettled, hampered, rendered less productive than if all the right choices were made. Inequities of food, resources, produces bitter quarrels resulting in destructive conflict. Disparity of individual income eventuates in a division of classes, envy, and hatred.

Unequal justice outcomes add to the tension existing between differing groups of people. Of course, if all the right choices were initially made, there would be no need for outcomes. The problem then seems to be in making the initial choices. How do you precipitate an evaluation based on moral choices when the creature involved often not only does not know the right choice, but through greed and selfishness frequently makes the wrong choice on purpose. These flaws seem to have no resolution. Resistance to forced compliance would simply add to losses.

Will greed,selfishness, and apathy, be allowed to lead to the extinction of this creature?

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