On the Topic of Same Sex Marriage … January 31, 2016


The Myth:

The majority of people now parrot the politically correct progressive narrative that people who are gay are born that way. Personally, I never have. In my opinion it is upbringing and their surroundings which determine orientation.

Science does not back those asserting a genetic origin for homosexual behavior. No fewer than eight studies have found that homosexuality is not the cause of genetics.

Cited among those studies is one on identical twins. The low rate of common homosexuality is explained by nurture, not nature. For example, a boy without a father figure is more prone to homosexuality. A girl without a mother figure was more so prone.

When all is said an done the final conclusion is clear: homosexuality is a psychological malady, not something people are born with.

The myth that gays are “born that way” needs to be dismissed. It needs to be buried along with the myth that the sun orbits the earth.

What Should Be Done:

“This is not behavior that any rational society should condone, endorse, subsidize, reward, promote or sanction in domestic policy or in the marketplace,” said Bryan Fischer of the American Family Association… “It’s a choice, and a bad one at that.”

Now, I do not have all that very much respect for the American Family Association. It is after all, a Christian backed ideological organization. Yet, I have maintained for years that gay behavior is a choice, not a determined thing from birth. I have personally witnessed individuals going back and forth between the two. One year gay, next straight, both times asserting that this is what they truly are.

Society should not endorse the gay lifestyle. It has no business doing so. There are many health threats posed by such a lifestyle such as a greater threat of AIDS, substance and alcohol abuse, depression and anxiety, and more.

My personal stance is that homosexual behavior is not normal. I do not, however, harbor any ill will toward anyone of this orientation. I simply do not want to know them. How much clearer can I make it.


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