Non-believer Belief… January 3, 2016

Many atheists hold ideological beliefs. Mystifyingly they claim that they rely on reason and logic, yet grasp tenaciously upon untrue ideological beliefs.

What are some of these?

1. Feminism… there is no basis for the belief in a patriarchal entity.

2. Homosexual orientation is genetically determined… there is no definitive study that asserts flat-out that this is the case.

3. That transgender is genetically determined… even though it has not been determined scientifically.

What could lie at the core of these unfounded beliefs?

I assert that what has led to this aberration away from reason and logic is that desire by many atheists and humanists to attain a level of “open-mindedness” that leads to irrational acceptance of ideological beliefs cloaked as reason, but in reality composed of emotional desire. They want it to be so, so they assert it is so. Much like Christians or other religious peoples they want something to be… so pretend it is so. Just like the religious, the non-believer that holds fast to these ideological assertions cannot be swayed by logic or reason… because they did not obtain those beliefs by way of logic or reason. Any presentation of material or information that contradicts their beliefs is dismissed as attempts by “butt-hurt” people to oppose “progress”.

The three ideological beliefs listed above are not a complete list. There are many other large and minor beliefs held by non-believers. Many are inherent within groups where inevitably such ideologies develop. Many are held by individuals who desperately want to join such groups or otherwise are seeking the encouragement of others. It is no different than the mob mentality that led Christians to burn witches, or blacks to commit black on white crime in the big cities. It is almost impossible to avoid acquiring some sort of ideological unfounded belief when trying to assimilate into a group. It is nearly impossible to assimilate into a group unless you do so. On the other hand, the individual working alone has less influence and less chance at affecting change.

Many say you should accept the bad with the good in the name of progress… however, there are some things so adverse to civilization, so damaging, that to accept them is to accept doom. The three ideological beliefs listed above are, in my opinion, of this nature.

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