A Vampire or Worse… January 2, 2016

What reaction is in order for someone who has negatively affected your life? What if that person is a relative? What about what could be a mentally disturbed relative? What if you’re not sure whether they are mentally disturbed or just mean?

Those close to me know which relative I am discussing. This person has carried on this way for over thirty-five years. He has treated myself and my wife like dirt and then declared it our faults. He has cost my family potentially thousands of dollars, possibly hiding sources of income as well.

This person is perpetually angry. When he visits if you’re up, you’ll soon be down. You know that after he has gone it will be days before you will fully recover.

Years past we invited him during holidays. We had many a holiday wrecked in this way. He sops up your energy like a sponge and leaves you drained. You couldn’t lift him up as it was as if he was chained to the floor. Not only that, but it seemed very much like that was the way he liked it.

We stopped having him over… I think he knows why. He hasn’t changed but feels that every single thing wrong in his life was caused by someone else. It is a fact that his life is the total result of himself, but he refuses to see it that way. His choices, his demands, the goal posts he set for potential friends and mates so high in the sky. Goals he cannot, does not, does not try to, meet are erected as a test to any friends that might have been.

Yes, one of those who hears laughter across the room and just knows they are laughing at him. The look of disgust on someone’s face, no matter whether they look at him or not, is because of him… they simply glanced away, you know, before he caught them looking. Paranoid? His picture is beside the definition in any fine dictionary.

You can’t talk to him about any subject because at once he knows everything, and nothing.

Insults spew forth without regard. They come without trying or even knowing they exist. You want, no, need, to punch him out but you wonder if deep down inside he is sick and hitting the sick is something of which most are adverse.

You can tell him of his insults, his negative actions, but then he turns them back and blames you of the same and claims that you are simply getting your just deserts… in return for insults and past actions of which you have no recall, which no doubt were generated by his imagination.

An emotional vampire is a label that may apply. However, I have met many of those and his power, this fellows power, exceeds any such creature’s many degrees. It goes beyond mere soaking up the spirit of the day. It is worse than just a draining. Perhaps it might more approximate a severe beating, tongue lashing, and then sitting down to have two liters of blood drained from your body. It will take days to recover.

Well, this year I hope to leave all that alone. I will leave this fellow to his own designs. I do not know if he will continue. He might end it all. Thirty-five years of trying to lift him is way beyond what should have been spent. I want happiness for us. That will not transpire while constantly exposing ourselves to this fellow. So it will be. He will have to call. He never will, I know. He is very narcissistic, caring only about himself.

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