Capitalism and Greed … November 29, 2015

My assertion is that capitalism is successful because it feeds the inherent greed of people. Capitalism, by itself is not the culprit. If the individual engaging in capitalism was not greedy and accumulating vast wealth while others around were living in squalor, then capitalism is a useful instrument for creating wealth. However, if the individual objects to being taxed at a higher rate by society, claiming instead that he/she should keep what is earned, no matter if it is far in excess of his/her needs and accumulates without investment in some large account, the greed is damaging to society and must be corrected.

Capitalism can produce wealth. There is no argument there. However, it is how that wealth is managed that is in dispute. If it accumulates and benefits no one except the generator it is detrimental to society. This is why I advocate a mixture of capitalism and socialism. Capitalism by itself can be stark and unforgiving. It can result in masses of people with no home, food, or hope. It can result in an economic division of classes. In this economic division you will have the rich and well to do and the poor, or slave class. If carried to its zenith, there will be no one existing between those two classes and the divide over time will increase. Some socialism in the mixture, enacted through higher taxation on higher wealth, tempers this inhuman divide. No one need live in abject poverty. Of course the greedy will object to this. Their human nature will guarantee that they will attempt to hide their wealth, cause them to seek to save more than that which they deserve. What good is it to have a billion dollars when you will never use it, all the while those around you have nothing.  This is why I feel that Conservatives (read business) and libertarians (fools that think business will deal with them) are inhuman, compassionless barbarians.

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