The “Ick” Factor … November 22, 2015

A lot of what humans believe is based on the “ick” factor. The “ick” factor is that unsavory feeling you get. It can be a feeling of revulsion or a pit in your stomach. A feeling of fear may also qualify. It is true that basing what you believe on a feeling is illogical, not in line with reason, but such feelings may have been responsible for the survival of the human species.

Meat that has putrefied in the sun may look unappetizing and so despite hunger you might bypass that meal and save yourself from certain poisoning. Some animals may have adapted to eating such putrid affair… humans have not.

That feeling that behind that bush a predator awaits… though there be no other indicators that an animal really is there, a number of human ancestors no doubt survived because they paid attention to that “feeling”.

Such feelings have served us well. Some today would have us ignore these feelings in the service of some self-interests they possess. Perhaps they wish to legalize a drug. Perhaps they want to marry their sibling. Maybe they want to insert their genitals into an anal opening.

I would advocate that the “ick” factor not be ignored. Despite the logical arguments against such factors perhaps not all the permutations have been observed yet. There may be reasons your feeling may be right, despite all of the logical reasoning against it. Even a new pharmaceutical drug sometimes does not reveal all its side effects until much later. Perhaps that behavior that seems so appropriate now will reveal itself at some point in the future as detrimental.

“Ick” factors vary from one individual to another. No one is obligated to adopt the behaviors of another. Toleration does not mean acceptance.

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