Don’t Let the Door Hit You…. November 4, 2015

slam door

Well, that was a pleasant surprise, at least for me… Issue three, the marijuana initiative sponsored by the greedy and backed by the potheads went down to defeat in Ohio. I am surprised that there were that many good and decent people left in Ohio to vote this thing down.

Now, you people, yes you people that backed this issue… I beseech you to pack your bags and transport yourself to Colorado. Though Colorado is realizing now the dark side of this drug they are still open to it and will welcome you. I imagine a great deal of our crime experienced here from the drug trade will go with you. Druggies never are into just one drug.

Ohioans that can look reality in the eye without the cloak of a blue haze will remain in Ohio. With those seeking to dispel reality and live a fantasy world gone there will be about a third less people, but we will get along just fine without you.


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