Do You Relate? … November 1, 2015

There is more to relating than simply understanding the spoken or written word. There is more to relating than simply understanding the message. The intent and attitude behind the words is also part of relating. The concepts, the ideals expressed… the morality. It is true that the written word is less capable of relating than the spoken word. The spoken word is more capable of relating when you can see the expressions of the person speaking.

The reason behind this post is my apparent difficulty in relating to a considerable number of people. The issues about which I have difficulty relating are many. To be clear… the difficulty is not in understanding what they say. The message is for the most part quite clear. The difficulty is in understanding why they believe what they do. The difficulty is in understanding how they could possibly believe what they do.

Some of the issues with which I have consternation are:

■ Pornography

■ Religion

■ Polygamy

■ Feminism

■ Law and Order

■ Public Education System

■ This Politically Correct Progressive Thing (SJWs)

I am sure there are more and I will add them later as they occur. These are an adequate start in illustrating my puzzlement.

Let’s start with pornography, a dirty eleven letter word.

Just the other day I had an argument with an individual about this issue. The way he promoted it you might think he was promoting mom and apple pie. He could not see my point that to dwell on porn was to reduce yourself to animalistic levels. He pointed out that there is no porn in nature. Well, then perhaps instead I should have insisted that to dwell on porn was to reduce yourself to your carnal base level. Having such thoughts forever at the forefront of your thinking will reduce your ability to concentrate upon any other thing. An eternal fetish would no doubt develop. Evil does exist in the mind of humans. In fact that is the only place it does exist.

I see no reason for ever making pornography legal. In fact, we have too much available now in that arena. We could use a bit more censorship here. I sincerely hate watching a movie or program and then the scene ends up in someone’s bedroom. A bedroom should be private… I wouldn’t want anyone looking over my shoulder.

Nope, I really do not think you can determine if you will become hooked on porn, and therefore recommend everyone abstain.

Religion… This is the year 2015. Our constitution guarantees that everyone has religious freedom. It also directs a wall of separation between church and state. (Not in those words, but it is clearly directed) In this year we have very good medical technology as well as many other technologies. It seems as if every time we turn around some new thing comes along. Over the last century god has been chased from one thing to another as actual reasons replaced faith. Yet… belief persists. Fear of death seems to be the biggest factor. The promise of life after death hooks many. Despite the fact that there is no proof a heaven exists, or even a hell, people believe they are either bound for one or the other depending on how they believe. Some think they must do good works, others that you just believe. The second group guarantees that you will go to heaven as long as you accept and believe right up to the end, even after a life of crime and murder. I imagine the organized crime families have faith in this and the power of a priest to forgive upon confession.

A disease created by Christianity: Sin, so they can offer the cure: Salvation. A snake oil salesman had nothing on these folks.

Polygamy… I went around and around with some fellow who said that monogamy was BS. He never stated any legitimate reasons why polygamy was advantageous, only that he desired it. I told him I though polygamy was BS and that was when he got angry.

I have been in my marriage for over 3 decades and a half. I have never desired anyone else in that time. I feel that marriage is a commitment that should not be broken. A little work and it will last.

The fellow would not let go and went around and around with ad hominems and insults till I finally sent him on his way.

Feminism… What good feminism if you have all the rights a man has? None. But they continue on… what else could they be seeking other than control. This is what all fascist groups desire and I honestly think after much thought and study that all feminist groups are fascist.

Law and Order… I think very highly of the police. No, I do not think them better than the average bloke, and they have proven that frequently, but I admire anyone who goes to work and braves the onslaught of crime issuing forth from humanity. They are not paid enough.

On laws… why have a law if no one obeys it? Speed laws especially were made for a reason… and no one obeys them, not even the police. I don’t know how many times I have been behind a police car doing 10 to 15 miles per hour over the speed limit to only watch them stop for a traffic light. (I have seen a number of them texting, by the way) Jay walking? Sometimes it’s all you can do to keep from hitting people crossing the street at any point. There are a host of laws that seem made for times when the coffers are low and no other time as they are enforced only then. They could pull you over for anything under the sun, yet refrain when the city has abundant funds to pay their salaries.

Public Education System… The public education system is presently being used to program children in the new politically correct progressive social mores which seem under constant alteration and production. This is why I predict that eventually the public schools will fail and only private schools will remain. I personally will never vote for another public school tax issue.

This Politically Correct Progressive Thing… The SJWs do not even mean well. They think everyone should conform not only their actions to the desires of the present progressive idea but their thoughts as well. If they so much as find that you think differently they will hound you out of your job and career. Presently, feminists are using this technique to rid the world of men in high University positions or government. Many have lost their jobs, careers, and consequently families…. some have committed suicide.

I would describe myself as a conservatively moderate somewhat liberal atheist. My views on issues span the gamut. While I am conservative on many issues, I am moderate on others, and liberal on some others. Those in the conservative, moderate, or liberal sphere detest me. I do not conform to all of the ideological beliefs they have developed in their respective groups. I have found that even atheists develop ideological beliefs or accept them, when they form groups. There are very few that are as independent as myself, and those few, I call my friends.

This was hastily thrown together, so I reserve the right to change, or correct any aberrations later.

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