It Takes A Special Kind of Monster…

It must take a special kind of monster to be a member of the Republican Party. Such a monster must believe that Social Security, a program that people pay into all their lives, is a charity to which no one is entitled, and all are selfish to accept. Such a monster must look upon with glee as thousands of seniors are deprived of their incomes and must reenter the workforce no matter their age or infirmity. These horrible creatures, not really human, would rather those who are infirm or old walk the streets or live under bridges, and accept the help of charities that serve the various ignorant beliefs of our time.

Many of those monsters that look upon with happiness to see thousands of older people, who have worked hard to earn their meager Social Security, turned into the streets as that safety net erected by their own efforts is removed so that more war and protection for the rich can be had instead, belong to a religious cult called Christianity. These arrogant self-righteous bigots who are the foundation upon which the corporations and businesses rely are so under the control of their puppet-masters they will tear down the very institution that will support them into old age. They literally stab themselves in the back.

Granted, it is not just the ignorant religious that are under the thumb of the big business monoliths, it is also a group of people called libertarians. These idiots think that for some reason business will negotiate with them to provide a living wage, that government is too big and must be shrunken… to hell with the environment, a living wage, and dignity.

Perhaps it is time to go to buy that firearm I keep talking about. Perhaps it’s time to prepare for the anarchy that will reign should the benevolent institution of Social Security be repealed. Perhaps it’s time to sound the warning that only a bullet to the middle of the forehead will remedy the idiocy that is called Republican.

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