Life or Death? Make Your Choice … October 4, 2015

Which is the greater crime? Which act is most immoral? Choose between murder and rape.

Life, existence, is better than non-existence, death, in my opinion. If your other choice is to be murdered what would you choose? What if choosing life also meant that your attacker would rape you? Would you change your mind and choose death instead? Could you convince yourself that non-existence, the never-ending nothingness, was better than being raped by your conqueror? Wouldn’t it be better to live and hope for a future wherein you escaped your captor?

Murder, I assert, is worse than rape on the scale of crimes and possible suffering. With murder there is no hope, with life, despite its possible negatives, there exists hope.

It is always exclaimed that the Christian Bible is full of misogyny. Yet, within its pages one sees men being murdered by the hundreds of thousands while women are not so much, and are instead chosen to be the mothers of a new generation of the conquering peoples.

For this reason I proclaim that even though misogyny exists within the pages of this ancient tome, the real crime revealed therein is massive misandry. The Bible is by far more misandric than misogynistic. Men, as in life now, are depicted as expendable, disposable quantities.

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