Too Much Toleration Will Get You Killed… February 16, 2015

Toleration. To what extent should toleration be applied. Does toleration end as those you are tolerating are leading you to your execution? Shouldn’t your toleration have ended a wee bit before you couldn’t do anything about it?

Many Jews tolerated the German Nazis far too long and went beyond the point where anything could be done about them. It drew in the whole world.

How far should toleration go? If you hear a crowd of people shouting derogatory things about an ethnic group, should you say something in protest? If you hear of plans for an attack upon a group of people should you turn a deaf ear and remark “They are not coming for me.” If you know there are large stashes of military weapons and groups in training for a future war upon your people, and they do this in your very country, do you just wait until they make a move? Is that the price of freedom, to ignore the signs of impending doom? A little steeper than you imagined, I think.

There is a peoples that moves into countries and bides its time as it breeds and grows. When it reaches a certain mass it demands all those about them to obey strict edicts and to submit or die. Great Britain, it has been suggested, is already being cut down at the knees and has given in on many points. Many other countries are being invaded by these patience plotters. Patience has always been their ally. Like a slow poison they spread. Strangling dissent, free speech, and common sense.

To the liberal mind there is no end to toleration. Atheists who boast of rationality seem to think that they can negotiate with these murderers of humanity. Because the people grow alarmed when they are told that they must submit or die, they are labeled haters, doing an injustice. They remark that the individual is not to blame, it is the religion that is to blame. Yet, without the individual, collected with others in groups, there would be no religion. Be civil with those that hate you, they exclaim, be nice and they won’t harm you. They fail to take into account that the person has been compromised by the religion and is no longer capable of rational thought. Do your best to make a point if you will, but it is wasted upon those whose ears only listen to their Imam and hear you not.

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