Open-minded My Hind-end … February 9, 2015

camp tentEach camp has its own set of rules, laws, and morals. What applies to one camp does not apply to all others. One camp insists that the others follow its set of social standards, while the others insist that others must follow their precepts.

Individual members must conform to the standards of the group they are in. Though some disagreements are permitted, the main standards must prevail. Any member of any other group that wants to change groups must conform to those standards in existence in the new group.

Many groups claim great “open-mindedness” in direct conflict with the reality that prevails. It seems that the groups that shout about their “open-mindedness” the loudest usually tend to be the most closed-minded.

On top of this each group has its inner circle or clique of “beautiful” people that determine all the groups laws and morals. These people always tend to be the closest of friends and will not allow anyone to enter the circle that has the slightest disagreement with them. The circle usually becomes quite impenetrable. 

Most often individuals wandering into well-established groups containing tight cliques find themselves merely orbiting the clique rather than being actually engaged by any of the members of the clique. Discouraged, these potential new members soon leave never to return. Growth of camps with tight well-established cliques usually stagnates. The clique looks around and without a clue concludes it could not have been due to anything they might have done. They did smile at the camp tent2newcomers at least once, they remark.

My experience concludes that every camp or group has its own precepts and beliefs and if you vary from them in the least you become an outsider, no longer welcome; pack your bags please. They are indeed open-minded as long as you believe everything they do.

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