A Weight Problem … February 2, 2015

     I was reading yet another book written by an atheist when he lamented how terrible the misogyny was in the bible. He went on to describe an incident where god ordered his faithful to kill all the men and boys, all the women who had “known” men, keeping all the virgins for themselves. Well, misogyny was present, but wait… all the men and boys were killed? Seems to me the young boys would be innocent, yet… A lot more misandry than misogyny is afoot.

     How important is life as compared to the rape of women? How important are male lives compared to female lives?

     The bible has always been lambasted for its misogyny. Yet, men are killed in greater numbers than women. Despite their eventual fate as unwilling wives, the spared virgin women are not murdered.  If the numbers are the perspective from which you look, and male lives are given the same value as women’s lives, then the bible is more misandrist than misogynist. One wonders if even in the Christian religion, debased though it be, whether one can state without hesitation that it is patriarchal. It is mostly about killing males, not females.

     I guess it comes down to the weight of it. How much weight does a man’s life carry compared to a woman’s. Generally in society, it seems, it is assumed that men, and even young boys, cannot be innocent. It is always “Save the women and children”, “Women and children first”.

     There are innocent men and boys. These innocent men and boys are being devalued by society. It is time this moral crime ceased.

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