Final Post of the Year….. December 29, 2014

While retaining all the rights that belong to a human being as a citizen of the United States, and while remaining a citizen of the United States, I hereby resign as a member of the human race. The reasons are many.

  1. The quality of empathy possessed by human beings is shallow and unevenly distributed.
  2. The potential of violence without reason is extreme and only weakly resisted.
  3. The greed of humanity is such that even the impending destruction of the race called human does not diminish it.
  4. The immorality of humanity as measured by my own perspectives is such that it is intolerable.
  5. I see no hope for its continuance.

I will endeavor to add to the list as the year 2015 progresses. Although I see no hope… if anything, anything at all, occurs that offers hope, I shall mention it.

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