There Is No Room In The Medical Field For The Jaded… December 22, 2014

One of the requirements of those working in the medical fields is that they possess the emotional qualities of empathy and sympathy. There should be a test to determine whether these qualities are in the possession of every new health worker. No one should be admitted to the field without possessing these qualities.

Another needed quality is that of patience. A medical worker requires infinite patience. At the same time, the tendency to express knee-jerk responses to rude patients needs to be completely repressed.

From time to time medical personnel need to be rechecked, reminded of the need for these qualities. Any found wanting should be expelled from the medical ranks.

A degree of numbing occurs to individuals overtime, no matter how strong they may be. However, an uncaring, unsympathetic caregiver, is no caregiver at all.

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3 Responses to There Is No Room In The Medical Field For The Jaded… December 22, 2014

  1. Ron Murphy says:

    Good idea but that could exclude many money driven very well paid doctors.

  2. drenn1077 says:

    What prompted this post was a remark made by a young man who was the son of the owner of a grocery I used to work at. He was pondering whether to go to college to become a doctor or do something else. A spoiled young man who never wanted for anything his only concern was the amount of money he would make upon completion of his studies. There was no empathy or compassion for the suffering of people, there were only dollar signs in his eyes.
    Also, recently, my wife suffered a concussion. The hospital stay of less than a day and a half was over $6000. No one dare get sick or injured in the United States.

  3. Ron Murphy says:

    I’m in the UK, but my daughter works in NYC. Despite good medical cover there’s always something that cost couple hundred dollars or something, or nobody told the doc that saw her wasn’t one on the approved list, … One of her old room mates was training to be a doc. Not a bad guy, not lacking compassion especially, but money seemed the highest priority. He would be part of the future cost she will have to bear as part of her medical expenses, one wayor another.

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