Divorce Too Easy … December 19, 2014

The first thing that came up when I searched for “Why are there so many divorces?” was the suggestion that too many young people are getting married simply because they are having a baby. Aside from the fact that a child needs both parents in a loving home, it could be suggested that perhaps the parents need not have been parents at all if sufficient knowledge of contraceptives had been available.

Many religious think that abstinence should be exercised. They claim that providing knowledge of as well as the contraceptives themselves would promote more promiscuity. I agree that some young people might be tempted if they knew all the facts. Almost as many, though, will go ahead and engage in sexual activity anyway… without protection. 

“The contraceptives are not one hundred per cent effective” the religious counter. The sex education people grudgingly admit that is so, yet proclaim “…more effective than nothing!”

The unplanned pregnancies continue with the religious holding to their dearly held beliefs and the other side pushing its agenda.

I think that the divorce rate depends upon more than an unplanned child. Divorce has been made too easy, at least for women. Women are taught from an early age that they should be ‘empowered’. It is a feminist ideology, it is meant to free them from the need for men in their lives. Through many government programs as well as punitive laws, feminism has made this possible. Now men are in the lives of women only when they ‘want’ them, and are quickly disposable when they no longer ‘want’ them. Government programs provide monetary relief for single mothers. Biased courts provide monetary punishment for divorced fathers.

Also, couples are not taught that disputes should be worked out. Yet another factor is that having been promiscuous in youth they find marriage too limiting and when the first desirable comes along…. neither male nor female seem capable of staying dressed these days. Also, as our society becomes more secular the morals of religion become less binding. When there is no eye in the sky to impress there is no fear in breaking morals. People who lose their religion sometimes mistakenly throw the baby (morality) out with the bath water (irrational beliefs).

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