Hey, Did You Sign Up For This? … March 17, 2014

drug use
drug·gie also drug·gy (drŭg′ē)

n. pl. drug·gies Slang

One that takes or is addicted to drugs

When you decided that the definition of atheist described your belief system did you think that you were going to be rubbing elbows with druggies? Was there any idea in your mind that the groups you might frequent would have individuals in it that thought drug use was perfectly okay, no matter the setting? Did you even consider that becoming an atheist would require such drastic alterations in moral perception? druggie 2

Open-mindedness is one thing. Throwing everything to the wind is another. The personal rights or beliefs of another must be granted license, but does that mean you have to tolerate anything more than their right to destroy their own bodies with drugs? Do you have to watch as these people day by day deteriorate into ever lower levels of physical and mental condition?

People have the right to wreck their bodies. They have had this right since time immemorial. Alcohol, tobacco,  both have been used for centuries for self-destruction. Other drugs, illegal now, and even more deleterious, have also been in use for centuries.  People are going to find and use these destructive substances regardless of their legality.

People have the right to wreck their bodies. I grant that. I, however, am not required to care. If someone will not listen to reason, will not accept the facts, then I say let them burn themselves up. If you cannot watch as they descend, look away, it’s hard, I know, but what else is there other than to wreck your own life trying to lift up someone who doesn’t want to be lifted. If it is someone close to you it will be extremely hard to let go. Be advised though, if they do not want to be helped out of their miserable existence, if they actually think their life is better as a result of drug use, your life may be forfeited in a fruitless effort.

All drugs, including alcohol, tobacco, and caffeine have potential to do harm. Some are more harmful than others. Some can be safely used in moderation. Some will do irreparable damage even in moderation.

I use two, alcohol and caffeine. I use both in great moderation. I consider any other drugs harmful even in moderation. No, I do not want to argue that point.

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