Feminism and Feminists… What is it or They Good For? …. Nothing! ……March 9, 2014.

Feminism was predicated on two lies. One lie is that there was a patriarchy, a male dominated hierarchy determined to oppress women. Two, that any man actively oppressed women. Women held public office even before they had the vote. A patriarchy would not have allowed that. Women gained the vote. A patriarchy would not have allowed that. Women were never oppressed. In those days that is simply the way things were. Men were not oppressive, there was no patriarchy, or there would be no woman in office or voting, even today.

Feminism, as many of its founding women knew, was never about equality. It was always about supremacy. If the movement was about equality it would have disbanded long ago and harmony would reign everywhere.

With the enactment of the “Gender Equality Act” the pendulum has now swung the other way. Women have the advantage and are making use of it to program the next generations. They are striving for total dominance.

Many young women who join the movement think it is about equality, and have been lied to about conditions that prevail in society, just to that effect. Poor misguided and naïve, these women do not suspect the true nature of the movement they have signed on to. Most women who have been part of the movement know its true goals but are careful not to reveal the truth. Some feminists, like in any movement, do not possess the intellect to keep quiet and boast the truth to all. Feminists like:

“The proportion of men must be reduced to and maintained at approximately 10% of the human race.” — Sally Miller Gearhart

“Probably the only place where a man can feel really secure is in a maximum security prison, except for the imminent threat of release.” — Germaine Greer.

“…that you don’t have to settle, you don’t have to fiddle with a man to have that child.” Jennifer Aniston.

“Women may not find this surprising, but one of the most persistent and frustrating problems in evolutionary biology is the male. Specifically… why doesn’t he just go away” – Natalie Angier, author and journalist.

“Now that women don’t need men to reproduce and refinance, the question is, will we keep you around? And the answer is, ‘You know, we need you in the way we need ice cream – you’ll be more ornamental.” – Mareen Dowd.

“We are standing at a moment in time when the role of gender is shifting seismically. At this moment an argument can be made for two separate narrative threads – the first is the retreat of men as this becomes a woman’s world.” – Lisa Belkin.

“The bad news for Dad is that despite common perception, there’s nothing objectively essential about his contribution.” – Pamela Paul.

There never has been a war on women. There is however, very apparently, a war on men. Feminism is a war on men.

I no longer think of feminists as being women. They even distain the thought that they are women. Being a woman, say feminists, is like being handicapped. I love women, especially my wife of nearly 34 years. I hate feminists, especially those who actually know what their movement stands for. I feel sorry for those “feminists” who haven’t a clue and are being led down the path, by the nose, to a life of misery.

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9 Responses to Feminism and Feminists… What is it or They Good For? …. Nothing! ……March 9, 2014.

  1. drenn1077 says:

    An individual I will leave unnamed left a comment that was rude and obnoxious and then when I replied in the same vein he said I was rude and obnoxious. Hence, I now will use the feature where comments must be cleared by me before they are seen. Thank you. He said therewith that he was going to unsubscribe, obviously not knowing, that I had unsubscribed from him already upon his rude and obnoxious comment.

  2. You probably have your mind already made up, but I would like to point out that there are extremists in every group. Proclaiming the entire feminist movement to be sexist and anti-man is equivalent to equating all white people as slavers and all Germans as anti-Semitic racists. Feminism, at least what I have seen about it, is far broader and much more nuanced than your representation here. I find nothing wrong with women seeking equal and respectful treatment with men in society. Maybe you’ve been hanging out with terrible, obnoxious ladies.

  3. drenn1077 says:

    They have had equality for many years, yet the movement persists.
    If they had denounced the Man-haters and ousted them I would have had no beef, despite the movements continued existence, instead, the man-haters are the ones in charge. I realize there are a number of women in the group who are unaware of the movements true goals and are innocently being guided to support laws not knowing what the outcome would be.
    Feminism has caused more misery for families, women and children and especially men, since the second wave than anything else I can imagine. Perhaps you need to check your facts more closely, hmmmm?

  4. Like I said, I doubt I would change your mind. Perhaps we have had very different experiences with feminists. The ones I have met champion simple things like marriage equality, pay equality, equitable treatment in the workplace, reproductive rights, better awareness with regards to rape and rape culture, respectful treatment in public, and the ability to make the same choices that society affords men without being denigrated, castigated, or shamed for those choices. None of those things seem to me to herald the end of the male sex. None of those things seem to champion some form of female superiority. Are there those around that feel they don’t ‘need’ men? Sure. They can live their lives without men if they so please. I still think it is a gross misrepresentation to call all of them man-hating extremists hell bent on championing the superiority of the female sex. Maybe we’ve been hanging out with different kinds of feminists. Even if we have, it still proves my point that the movement is varied and intricate and requires much more than blanket statements. There are African-Americans that believe that the white race is a scourge upon humanity, but they should not be used as a sign that all people speaking against racism are Black Supremacists. There is more equality for women (and African-Americans for that matter) today than ever in history, but that still doesn’t mean that inequality has been eradicated, or that more work doesn’t need to be done.

    As for your assertion that Feminism has caused more misery for families, once again I beg to differ. There doesn’t appear to be anything in all the points I mentioned above that at face value would cause misery to anyone. Perhaps we have simply met different people claiming to be feminists. I for one cannot see how seeking equality in the family unit and shared responsibility would cause misery for women and children. If anything it would improve the self-worth of young girls by showing them that they are not any less than their male counterparts just because they’re female, and it would spur young men to treat girls/women with the same respect they afford each other.

  5. drenn1077 says:

    I think you have been mesmerized by your feminist friends. You really should check the other side of the bridge so to speak. That is, if you want headaches and heartaches at being wrong. You mentioned “rape culture”. That is fiction. There is no such thing.
    Feminists do not want equality, they want supremacy. They want supremacy for feminists, not women. They do not like being women. I am talking about the leadership, not the ones you probably meet in your daily life. You don’t know what I’ve seen.You can think of the nice cordial feminists you have met as good-will ambassadors. They do not represent the leadership.
    I stand by my statement that feminism has caused more misery for families, women and children, and especially men than any plague ever could.

  6. I suppose we must agree to disagree. Making blanket statements like there is no such thing as “rape culture” makes it difficult to have a discussion. College campuses are notorious for this sort of thing. Work is being done to educate people (read young men) on the nature of consent, specifically informed consent, but to say that it doesn’t exist is completely false.

    I do not have a penchant for conspiracy. If you assert that there is some kind of secret feminist cabal hell bent on subjugating men, it’s going to take a little more than a tumblr link to convince me. Feminism is a broad and varied movement. It does not have a head, it does not have a committee, it does not have some kind of prepared agenda. If I meet a feminist on the road that doesn’t want to eradicate me, I’m not going to brand her as some “good-will ambassador” and keep believing that other people out there hold more power and seek to destroy my life. I think it comes down to a difference in experience. The feminists I have met seem perfectly reasonable and make valid points. The extremists (whom I concede exist) have been very few and far between. If your experience has been the opposite then there is nothing more to say. I for one find no fault in wanting to remove systemic and harmful biases against women in society. I find no fault in wanting to remove systemic and harmful biases against any group in society, period.

  7. drenn1077 says:

    There is no rape culture. You are simply not up on the latest news. A watchdog organization on rape culture finally admitted that the “rape culture” consisted of a very small minority of students on campus and was not the problem feminism had magnified it to be. You have simply been misinformed. No shame in that.
    I think that in less than 10 years give or take a couple of years, you will look back and acknowledge these exchanges.
    As far as valid points: If a feminist asserts that men have discriminated against her and that she is a victim, she is delusional or just whining because she is not advancing as fast as she would like.
    “no fault in wanting to remove systemic and harmful biases against women in society.” … except that they are imaginary. Period. They have been concocted so that females can classify themselves as victims in order to attain special privileges and considerations. If you are concerned about harmful biases against any group in society you would be more concerned for the plight of men.
    Yes, I agree to disagree. At least you are willing to “allow” me to have a dissenting opinion while many feminists and male feminist supporters, do not.

  8. drenn1077 says:

    Manstream Media: It is Time to End “Rape Culture” Hysteria

    Rape culture, or the idea that we live in a society where the sexual assault and abuse of women by men is routinely condoned and normalized, has been an overarching concern and cause célèbre for gender ideologues for a number of years.

    This is particularly true on our college campuses. So pervasive are the assertions of rape culture proponents, such as one in four female college students being sexually assaulted, that these ideas have emanated everywhere from small internet blogs to the Oval Office.
    Valid research has never supported the existence of a rape culture, save perhaps in our penal institutions, but the myth about its larger existence has persisted.
    Until now.

    The Rape and Incest National Network (RAINN), the largest anti-sexual assault advocacy group in the US, recently issued a report advising the White House that rape is actually a criminal issue caused by a small minority of the population, and asserts that the crime is not a cultural condition.

    Taking that even further, they have advised the White House that it needs to change the way it is directing institutions of higher education to handle sexual assault allegations on campus. This would include both increasing the involvement of the criminal justice system and de-emphasizing the use of college “honor courts” which have come under fire for the lack of due process that guides their activity.

    Furthermore, they have advised schools to offer risk reduction educations to students in order to lessen the likelihood of a sexual assault to begin with.

    All of these recommendations are a direct contradiction of many efforts by gender ideologues who have commandeered the public discourse on sexual assault and who have authored many policies on treatment of alleged incidents in modern academic settings.
    The RAINN report signals a major, significant reversal of current trends in handling sexual assault and allegations of it.

    Please join us today, March 22, 2014 at 3:00 PM Pacific, 5 Central and 6 Eastern Time for a Special Edition of MANstream Media Monthly, where Dr. Warren Farrell, Tom Golden and Paul Elam will discuss the RAINN report, and what it means to the future of sexual politics.

    Click to access WH-Task-Force-RAINN-Recommendations.pdf

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