Begone! … January 6… 2014

Is it enough to work toward the eradication of religious beliefs which prompt the adherent to impose their religion, morality, on everyone? Should instead the goal be the total eradication of all religious belief, which is, after all, delusional?

Should alliances be formed between non-believers and secular minded religious despite the delusional nature of belief as well as the always present potential of the migration of these secular minded religious toward more radical fundamentalist positions?

In light of the controlling nature of religion do any truly secular minded theists exist or is this moderate position simply a means of escaping eradication? Is this simply a case of the virus protecting itself? Their religious faith requires proselytizing work. They must spread the contagion. To deny this they must deny the command of their god.

Most atheists would agree that religion is an exercise in ignorance. Should the retention of ignorance be encouraged, allowed to propagate?

Religion taints the thought patterns of the possessed and most likely skews the results of any scientific investigations. Perhaps some fields of endeavor should be excluded from the religious. Should scientists engaged in certain fields be screened for religious belief or affiliation?

What about politics? How can a religious person who serves some god before his/her constituents be trusted? After all, since there is no god, the mind of god is in the mind of man and that man would be instructing the “public servant”. A devious leader within the religion could become de facto puppet master. Perhaps the religious should be excluded from public office?

Realistically, it will have to be admitted that there are some who, possessing weak psyches, will always need religion as a crutch to withstand the stresses of every day reality. These people, like children, depend upon support of their parent figure. Unable to take responsibility in making the important decisions in their lives they defer those decisions to what they believe is a wiser entity. In reality what they do is “let the cards fall where they may” instead of taking an active part in directing their own lives. These people have no business in public office as they would act indecisively, relying on others to make their decisions (the de facto puppet masters).

Admittedly this is a debate of questionable value since the Constitution of the United States prohibits religious intervention. More

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