Oh… You’re So Funny! … January 1, 2014

Mock me not, heathen.

Should atheists mock christians? Some people indicate we shouldn’t as it makes us look bad, and thereby hurts our cause.

But what’s an atheist to do when the mind-locked christian displays a stubborn ignorance to recognize reason and logic? What can you do when logical fallacies and warped semantics are all you are given to chew upon?

When, after destroying an opponent with flawless reason, that opponent fails to notice that they have been destroyed and continues to use the argument you just invalidated, what course can you take?

I think when it’s clear that the christian simply has inadequate knowledge and intelligence to know that they have been annihilated it’s time to reach into your bag of derisiveness. If after you have already intellectually blown them out of the water and they fail to leave it’s time to ridicule them out of the town on a rail.

No, it’s not pretty, and sometimes I admit I feel sorry for the so and so. I will not argue ignorance with ignorance, they have too much experience. No… I will make fun of them, I will berate them, I will make them so uncomfortable they will wish they never came.

Does this make me mean? Does this hurt the cause of atheism? Does atheism have a cause? Maybe it does display my humanity a little too much, but what’s an atheist to do? After all, I speak only for myself, and no one else. Who knows… perhaps the christian will sit down and realize later on that he came to the battle unarmed, having left his reason, his logic, on the dresser at home.



closetAre you still in the closet? Don’t you think it’s time for atheists everywhere to consider getting out of there? It’s the only way to stop the crazy.

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