Fervently Stating Lies … January 8, 2014

Without hesitation and with conviction the lies are boldly spoken. Over and over again they are sounded. Lies are accepted as truth in this fashion.

The conservative right in America uses repetition to convince the gullible, the weak-minded to take up the chant and spread the lies far and wide.

Though the reference for some is not understood, the right, it seems, is like a broken record. It cannot go beyond the lies and see the truth. They are stuck, stuck by design.

Those who think, though they speak against the lies, are drowned out by the incessant chants carried upon the waves of sound by the hordes of those handicapped of mental clarity.

Those who reason sometimes become resigned to the acceptance of lies by the population. Some cease to object and thereby give passive consent to the lie by remaining silent. Others with softer spines regard objection and dissent as disruptive and mean-spirited. “Can’t we all just get along?” they cry.

The most worrisome fear of those who watch this daily saga of right-wing design is that these monsters who have pulled the wool over the eyes of the growing host of fervent parrots will gain office and power. Once upon that stage they will be able to carry out the elimination of all safeguards and finally achieve the goal: The enslavement of all.


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